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Serving Durham/Toronto Ontario

On-Site Service:

No need to disconnect your computer and leave it at a shop for weeks.  We provide complete on-site service to offer most installation and repairs on your premises for as little as $90/hour.  For those interested, we also offer on-site training to help our clients support themselves.  Current clients can receive continued support through phone or e-mail.  Some common problems can be resolved by a simple phone call.

Installation, Setup, and Repair:

Your one-stop shop for system installation and repair.  Make better use of your existing peripherals by sharing resources.  A network can allow other computers to access and print to a shared printer, or shared drive space for common projects.  We can custom build computer workstations, network servers and make recommendations to offer the best possible cost/benefit ratio and total cost of ownership. 

Network/Communications Wiring and Jacks:

Total installation of custom structural cabling and jacks for voice, data, and multimedia needs.  Upon construction or renovation of a building, we offer consultation on future structural cabling.   As well, we can conceal the installation of additional wiring within your existing structure.  Assistance and/or installation of xDSL, Cable Modem, Satellite, and other Internet Service Provider (ISP) software

Installation, Computer Diagnostics and Recovery:

Having trouble with a computer workstation or network component? Is it acting up, not shutting down correctly, or do you experience Windows ‘Blue Screen’s? We can help. Together with experience and commercial diagnostic tools, we usually make recommendations within an hour of inspection.

Web Site Construction and Housing:

Domain Name Registrations
(protects and registers the name only):

.com / .net / .biz / .org domains are:

$19.95 / year / per domain name

.ca domains are:

$39.95 / year / per domain name

>RAID-5 Hosting Services
(does not include design, modifications, or custom code)

Data integrity and speed are assured by Network Appliance Filers using RAID5 storage technology. A Redundant Array of Independent Drives (RAID) accomplishes this by copying or "mirroring" all data onto offline drives. If an online drive fails, another identical drive brings itself online to ensure the availability of its data. Backups of all data are routine, automatic and kept on-site. These backups are duplicated at two state of the art, world-class data centres that are geographically separated. All of our data centres are climate controlled, maintain extensive backup systems and employ physical security measures.

$225 / yr Basic Hosting Package:

- 100 Mbytes space
- 1 Gig bandwidth/month
- up to 10 email accounts

$329 / yr  Pro Hosting Package:

- 500 Mbytes space
2 Gig bandwidth/month
MySQL database, ASP, .NET, CGI, PHP, support
up to 20 email accounts

Includes security, administration, and some minor changes to site.
Hourly rate for custom code, major site modifications and/or changes is $64.00/hour.

Remote Service and Maintenance:

To inquire about setting up a specific service or agreement for your company’s needs please contact:

Edward Wiggers
EdWare Technologies
(905) 619-6700

Service Call Rates

(hourly rates do not include parts or materials)

For the First Hour or Less Based on Location…


Zone 1 Durham $115.00
Zone 2 Toronto, Newcastle $160.50
Zone 3 Mississauga, Port Hope $220.00
Zone 4 Hamilton, Barrie, Peterborough, Cobourg $300.00
Each Additional Hour, per man… $115.00

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